Yardstick Test Case Description TC028ΒΆ

KVM Latency measurements
test case id OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC028_KVM Latency measurements
metric min, avg and max latency
test purpose To evaluate the IaaS KVM virtualization capability with regards to min, avg and max latency. The purpose is also to be able to spot trends. Test results, graphs and similar shall be stored for comparison reasons and product evolution understanding between different OPNFV versions and/or configurations.
configuration file: samples/cyclictest-node-context.yaml
test tool


(Cyclictest is not always part of a Linux distribution, hence it needs to be installed. As an example see the /yardstick/tools/ directory for how to generate a Linux image with cyclictest included.)

references Cyclictest
applicability This test case is mainly for kvm4nfv project CI verify. Upgrade host linux kernel, boot a gust vm update it’s linux kernel, and then run the cyclictest to test the new kernel is work well.
pre-test conditions

The test kernel rpm, test sequence scripts and test guest image need put the right folders as specified in the test case yaml file. The test guest image needs with cyclictest included in it.

No POD specific requirements have been identified.

test sequence description and expected result
step 1

The host and guest os kernel is upgraded. Cyclictest is invoked and logs are produced and stored.

Result: Logs are stored.

test verdict Fails only if SLA is not passed, or if there is a test case execution problem.