Yardstick Test Case Description TC040ΒΆ

Verify Parser Yang-to-Tosca
test case id OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC040 Verify Parser Yang-to-Tosca
  1. tosca file which is converted from yang file by Parser
  2. result whether the output is same with expected outcome
test purpose To verify the function of Yang-to-Tosca in Parser.

file: opnfv_yardstick_tc040.yaml

yangfile: the path of the yangfile which you want to convert toscafile: the path of the toscafile which is your expected outcome.

test tool


(Parser is not part of a Linux distribution, hence it needs to be installed. As an example see the /yardstick/benchmark/scenarios/parser/parser_setup.sh for how to install it manual. Of course, it will be installed and uninstalled automatically when you run this test case by yardstick)

references Parser
applicability Test can be configured with different path of yangfile and toscafile to fit your real environment to verify Parser
pre-test conditions No POD specific requirements have been identified. it can be run without VM
test sequence description and expected result
step 1

parser is installed without VM, running Yang-to-Tosca module to convert yang file to tosca file, validating output against expected outcome.

Result: Logs are stored.

test verdict Fails only if output is different with expected outcome or if there is a test case execution problem.