Yardstick Test Case Description TC027ΒΆ

IPv6 connectivity between nodes on the tenant network
test case id OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC027_IPv6 connectivity
metric RTT, Round Trip Time
test purpose To do a basic verification that IPv6 connectivity is within acceptable boundaries when ipv6 packets travel between hosts located on same or different compute blades. The purpose is also to be able to spot trends. Test results, graphs and similar shall be stored for comparison reasons and product evolution understanding between different OPNFV versions and/or configurations.

file: opnfv_yardstick_tc027.yaml

Packet size 56 bytes. SLA RTT is set to maximum 30 ms. ipv6 test case can be configured as three independent modules (setup, run, teardown). if you only want to setup ipv6 testing environment, do some tests as you want, “run_step” of task yaml file should be configured as “setup”. if you want to setup and run ping6 testing automatically, “run_step” should be configured as “setup, run”. and if you have had a environment which has been setup, you only wan to verify the connectivity of ipv6 network, “run_step” should be “run”. Of course, default is that three modules run sequentially.

test tool


Ping6 is normally part of Linux distribution, hence it doesn’t need to be installed.




applicability Test case can be configured with different run step you can run setup, run benchmark, teardown independently SLA is optional. The SLA in this test case serves as an example. Considerably lower RTT is expected.
pre-test conditions

The test case image needs to be installed into Glance with ping6 included in it.

For Brahmaputra, a compass_os_nosdn_ha deploy scenario is need. more installer and more sdn deploy scenario will be supported soon

test sequence description and expected result
step 1 To setup IPV6 testing environment: 1. disable security group 2. create (ipv6, ipv4) router, network and subnet 3. create VRouter, VM1, VM2
step 2 To run ping6 to verify IPV6 connectivity : 1. ssh to VM1 2. Ping6 to ipv6 router from VM1 3. Get the result(RTT) and logs are stored
step 3 To teardown IPV6 testing environment 1. delete VRouter, VM1, VM2 2. delete (ipv6, ipv4) router, network and subnet 3. enable security group
test verdict Test should not PASS if any RTT is above the optional SLA value, or if there is a test case execution problem.