OPNFV Parser Configuration Guide

Parser configuration

Parser can be configured with any installer in current OPNFV, it only depends on openstack.

Pre-configuration activities

For parser, there is not specific pre-configuration activities.

Hardware configuration

For parser, there is not hardware configuration needed for any current feature.

Feature configuration

For parser, there is not specific configure on openstack.

Parser Post Installation Procedure

Add a brief introduction to the methods of validating the installation according to this specific installer or feature.

Automated post installation activities

Describe specific post installation activities performed by the OPNFV deployment pipeline including testing activities and reports. Refer to the relevant testing guides, results, and release notes.

note: this section should be singular and derived from the test projects once we have one test suite to run for all deploy tools. This is not the case yet so each deploy tool will need to provide (hopefully very simillar) documentation of this.

<Project> post configuration procedures

Describe any deploy tool or feature specific scripts, tests or procedures that should be carried out on the deployment post install and configuration in this section.

Platform components validation

Describe any component specific validation procedures necessary for your deployment tool in this section.