OPNFV Parser Governance Documentation

1. Parser Project Committer Promotion Guideline

1.1. Note

This rst document serves only as a guideline for current committers and PTL to refer when they are electing new committers. We would strongly recommend the qualities listed in this document (in the Guidelines section) to be taken into consideration, however there is no legal or mandatory authority whatsoever. Any terms that might be in conflict with TSC charter is void by nature.

1.2. Goal

  • Make Parser grow stronger and healthier, with more new ideas and new contributors.
  • Few committers who work with more contributors on a large size of work.
  • Committers number expands when Parser project itself grows.
  • Committer swap to ensure participating company’s interest.
  • Do not mandatory set limit to ban contributors to run, the ultimate result of a promotion is still a consensus driven by community discussion.

1.3. Rationale

  • Committers should be a small group of core contributors that could provide a leading force for a balk of work in the project.
  • As a small new project, the growth of Parser is very important.
  • For any newly proposed committers, besides KPIs like commits, they should be able to bring and work on an appropriate size of workload, with or without new work force, so that the ratio between committer numbers and the workload is appropriate.
  • Key mission of the committer is to expand and strengthen the project, with new ideas or new participants.

1.4. Guidelines

  • For those who are proposed as committers, if other KPI holds, for approval they should have new work plan proposed that are beyond the work from past release. For those who have brought forward both new work plan as well as new contributors, their promotion should be considered approved in a fast track.
  • For those who are proposed as committers, if other KPI holds, but they only cover a similar size of work to the past release, for approval they should replace the original committer of the same company. If there is no previous committer member from the same company, then the promotion should be put through with enough discussions.
  • There will be a cap on committer number per company. It is recommended that each participating should not have more than 2 committers at the moment. However this cap subjects to modification in the future should the team decide to change. There is no cap for individual contributors.

1.5. Guideline Creation and Modification Procedure

  • Current committers vote on this motion via email, approval require a unanimous consent.
  • Submit this motion as a rst file into the parser governance repo, to setup a precedent. PTL should kick off a review for the document each cycle.
  • Any future change to the guideline should be done via new patches and code reviews, with record of showing a previous committer unanimous vote result on the motion of such modification.