OVSNFV Guides and Installation

1. Installing OVSNFV Fuel Plugin

  • On the Fuel UI, create a new environment.

  • On the nodes’ interface settings enable DPDK on the interface running the private network.

  • In Settings > Other
    • Enable “Install Openvswitch with NSH/DPDK”
    • Enable “Install DPDK”
    • Disable “Install NSH”
  • Continue with environment configuration and deployment as normal.

1.1. Upgrading the plugin

From time to time new versions of the plugin may become available.

The plugin cannot be upgraded if an active environment is using the plugin.

In order to upgrade the plugin:

  • Copy the updated plugin file to the fuel-master.
  • On the Fuel UI, reset the environment.
  • On the Fuel CLI “fuel plugins –update <fuel-plugin-file>”
  • On the Fuel UI, re-deploy the environment.