Build instruction for the OVSNFV RPM for Apex

1. Abstract

This document describes the optional build of the OPNFV Colorado release of the OVSNFV RPMs for the The dependencies and required system resources are also described.

2. Introduction

This document describes how to build the OVSNFV RPMs. These RPMs are incorporated into the Apex iso artifacts so there is no required action for Apex installation of OPNFV.

This document describes the optional standalone build of the OVSNFV RPMs.

3. Requirements

3.1. Minimum Software Requirements

The build host should run Centos 7.0

3.1.1. Setting up OPNFV Gerrit in order to being able to clone the code

  • Start setting up OPNFV gerrit by creating a SSH key (unless you don’t already have one), create one with ssh-keygen
  • Add your generated public key in OPNFV Gerrit <> (this requires a Linux foundation account, create one if you do not already have one)
  • Select “SSH Public Keys” to the left and then “Add Key” and paste your public key in.

3.1.2. Clone the OPNFV code Git repository with your SSH key

Clone the code repository:

$ git clone ssh://<Linux foundation user>

3.1.3. Clone the OPNFV code Git repository using HTML

$ git clone

4. Building

$ cd ovsnfv/ci
$ ./