Orchestra Release Notes

1. OPNFV Euphratest release notes for Orchestra

1.1. Abstract

This document describes the release note of the Orchestra project.

1.2. Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2017-08-25 1.0.0 Giuseppe Carella (Fraunhofer FOKUS) Euphrates.1.0 release

1.3. Important notes

The OPNFV Orchestra project started with the main objective of integrating the Open Baton open source framework with OPNFV. The initial main objective was to allow OPNFV users to get an Open Baton environment up and running using OPNFV installers. Furthermore, the Orchestra team collaborates with testing projects in order to include some scenarios for validating the actual integration between the Open Baton project and the OPNFV platform.

1.4. OPNFV Orchestra Euphrates Release

During the Euphrates release, the Orchestra team focused mainly in integrating Orchestra with the JOID installer, and in extending the testing scenarios developed in the context of the Functest project.

With the JOID installer users can easily get a ready-to-go Open Baton environment selecting the ‘os-nosdn-openbaton-ha’ scenario. After the installation, Open Baton release 4 will be available as part of the OPNFV environment. Users can refer to the Open Baton documentation in order to get started immediately on boarding their VNFs and network services.

Using Functest users can test the integration of the orchestra project with the OPNFV platform. In particular, there are two use cases implementing the automated on boarding and deployment of a classical IMS network service on top of the OPNFV platform:

  • OpenIMSCore <http://openimscore.org/>
  • Clearwater IMS <http://www.projectclearwater.org/>