OPNFV Opera Installation Instructions

1. Abstract

This document describes how to install Open-O in an OpenStack deployed environment using Opera project covering it’s pre-condition, dependencies.

2. Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2017-02-16 0.0.1 Harry Huang (HUAWEI) First draft

3. Opera configuration

This document providing guidelines on how to configure and install Open-O including software and network configurations.

Currently Opera is suggested to run after Compass4nfv deployment, There is also a scenario in Compass4nfv to support combined deploy with Opera.

The audience of this document is assumed to have good knowledge in OpenStack and Linux

3.1. Preconditions

There are some preconditions before starting the Opera deployment

3.1.1. A functional OpenStack environment

OpenStack should be deployed before opera deploy.

3.1.2. Getting the deployment scripts

Retrieve the repository of Opera using the following command:


3.2. Machine requirements

The machie requirement differentiates between different approach of OpenStack deployment. Opera can be running in a Jump host of Compass4NFV or an extra node of an OpenStack cluster which can access the cluster’s network.

3.2.1. Jump Host of Compass4NFV

  1. Ubuntu OS (Pre-installed).
  2. Root access.
  3. libvirt virtualization support.
  4. Minimum 2 NICs.
    • PXE installation Network (Receiving PXE request from nodes and providing OS provisioning)
    • IPMI Network (Nodes power control and set boot PXE first via IPMI interface)
    • External Network (Optional: Internet access)
  5. CPU cores: 32
  6. 64 GB free memory (after Compass4NFV finishing OpenStack deployment)
  7. 100G free disk (after Compass4NFV finishing OpenStack deployment)

3.2.2. Extra node of an OpenStack cluster

  1. Ubuntu OS (Pre-installed).
  2. Root access.
  3. libvirt virtualization support.
  4. Access to OpenStack cluster
  5. Minimum 64 GB free memory
  6. Minimum 100G free disk

3.3. Bare Metal Node Requirements

Bare Metal nodes require:

  1. IPMI enabled on OOB interface for power control.
  2. BIOS boot priority should be PXE first then local hard disk.
  3. Minimum 3 NICs.
    • PXE installation Network (Broadcasting PXE request)
    • IPMI Network (Receiving IPMI command from Jumphost)
    • External Network (OpenStack mgmt/external/storage/tenant network)

3.4. Network Requirements

41 external ip

3.5. Deploy Instruction