os-nosdn-openo-ha Overview and Description

1. os-nosdn-openo-ha Description

1.1. Introduction

Since OPNFV board expanded its scope to include NFV MANO last year, several upstream open source projects have been created to develop MANO solutions. Each solution has demonstrated its unique value in specific area. Open-Orchestrator (OPEN-O) project is one of such communities. Opera seeks to develop requirements for OPEN-O MANO support in the OPNFV reference platform, with the plan to eventually integrate OPEN-O in OPNFV as a non-exclusive upstream MANO. The project will definitely benefit not only OPNFV and Open-O, but can be referenced by other MANO integration as well. In particular, this project is basically use case driven. Based on that, it will focus on the requirement of interfaces/data models for integration among various components and OPNFV platform. The requirement is designed to support integration among Open-O as NFVO with Juju as VNFM and OpenStack as VIM.

Currently OPNFV has already included upstream OpenStack as VIM, and Juju and Tacker have been being considered as gVNFM by different OPNFV projects. OPEN-O as NFVO part of MANO will interact with OpenStack and Juju. The key items required for the integration can be described as follows.

1.2. Scenario Components and Composition

This Scenario will deploy Open-O on jump host as orchestrator and deploy juju in an OpenStack VM as VNFM. All Open-O service can be access through openo_ip specified in network config file.

1.3. Scenario Usage Overview

This scenario has an orchestrator field to specify which orchestrator to be used.

1.3.1. COMPASS installer configuration

The os-nosdn-openo-ha scenario in Compass4NFV has an orchestrator field. Set orchestrator type to Open-O to install Open-O after Compass4NFV finishs NFVI deployment and Open-O version can also be assigned in key version. With orchestrator setting to Open-O, Compass4NFV will git clone Opera project to perform a combined deployment. Set key vnf to clearwater if you want to launch clearwater after Open-O launched.

os-nosdn-openo-ha scenario needs to be deployed along with Open-O included network config file. Compass4NFV has network_openo.yml to config network for Opera.

The Open-O related info in both scenario and network config will be synchronized into Opera after its repository being cloned.

1.4. References

For more information on the OPNFV Danube release, please visit http://www.opnfv.org/danube