OPNFV Opera Config Instructions

1. Config Guide

1.1. Add OpenStack Admin Openrc file

Add the admin openrc file of your local openstack into opera/conf directory with the name of admin-openrc.sh.

1.2. Config open-o.yml

Set openo_version to specify Open-O version.

Set openo_ip to specify an external ip to access Open-O services. (leave the value unset will use local server’s external ip)

Set ports in openo_docker_net to specify Open-O’s exposed service ports.

Set enable_sdno to specify if use Open-O ‘s sdno services. (set this value false will not launch Open-O sdno dockers and reduce deploy duration)

Set vnf_type to specify the vnf type need to be deployed. (currently only support clearwater deployment, leave this unset will not deploy any vnf)