Gap analysis and Development


  • Describe the purpose of this chapter, which includes, but not limited to:

  • Test Case Gaps (analysis)

  • Automation Gaps

  • OpenStack release Comparisons

Openstack Release Comparisons

  • Provide details, preferably in table format, comparing OpenStack releases based on Wallaby baseline for RI-1

Test Case Gaps

Anuket has developed many test cases in the different test projects which can quickly improve RC. As listed in NFVI Conformance Requirements, porting all the existing testcases to Xtesting will unify the test case execution and simplify the test integration as required by RC. Here are all the related issues:

Here are the possible new test cases which could be integrated in the existing Anuket projects to improve RC:



integrate KloudBuster in Functest

disk benchmarking

add tempest-stress in Functest

stress testing

Framework Gaps

As proposed in port VTP test cases to Xtesting, VTP selected in VNF Testing Framework Requirements requires small adaptations to fully fulfill the current NFVI Conformance Requirements. It seems trivial changes as VTP proposed a REST API but will ensure that both NFVI and VNF testing can be executed in the same CI toolchain very easily.