VNF Testing Cookbook


Define the purpose of the chapter which is to:

  • Identify Framework Needs, Goals, and Dependencies

  • Define Opensource Integration (OVP, Functest, CVC, others)

  • Provide Automation Toolchain (list, topology, flow)

Relevant Community Projects.

VNF Testing Cookbook.


Figure 15 VNF_cookbook

As detailed in the RC chapter 05 on E2E VNF test platform requirements, ONAP VNF Test Platform (VTP) helps to perform the VNF Conformance process by addressing those requirements. And following sections provides required guidelines and details for platform and test cases.

Platform Architecture

Provides details on the architecture, components and it’s responsibilities.

Platform Architecture

Figure 16 Platform Architecture

  • Test Controller: For every feature supported in VTP, Test controller provides required REST API along with user authentication and authorization based on given tenant?.

  • Agile Test Orchestrator: Dynamically allows to on-board and execute the test cases and test flows across different run-time environment on given System under test (SUT) along with required supported system in place.

  • Portal & CLI: To operate and manage the VTP features, Portal? provides web 2.0 based graphical user interface along with Command line interface.

  • Test case plug-ins: Test cases are on-boarded into the system as independent plug-ins (developed using different programming/scripting language) and/or plain text yaml file for those supported as profile in VTP (such as HTTP, SNMP, etc)

  • Repository: Provides version controlled repository for persisting various aspects of the VTP such as artifacts, results, reports, etc.

? - Feature in-progress

Platform administrator guide

Provides detail on installation, configuration, un-installation operations.

VTP is provided a script for performing installation and mange the installed VTP services as below:

–download : It will download all required artifacts into /opt/vtp_stage

–install : It will install VTP (/opt/controller) and CLI (/opt/oclip)

–start : It will start VTP controller as tomcat service and CLI as oclip service

–verify : It will verify the setup is done properly by running some test cases

–uninstall : It will stop and uninstall the VTP

–clean : It will remove the downloaded artifacts

Customize the download URL as below from latest snapshot or release onap repository





Test case development guide

Provides details on how to develop new test cases and packages them for deploying.

More details

Test case model guide

Model the required test cases for various scenario, which could help in standardizing the test cases for various NF, different compliance and multiple MANO/NFVi based LCM operations.

More details

Test case administrator guide

Provides detail on installation, configuration, un-installation operations

More details