Forwarding Packets in Data Path test specification


This test area evaluates the ability of the system under test to support basic packet forwarding. The test in this test area will evaluate basic packet forwarding through virtual IPv4 networks in data path, including creating server and verifying network connectivity to the created server with ping operation using MTU sized packets.



Definitions and abbreviations

The following terms and abbreviations are used in conjunction with this test area

  • API - Application Programming Interface
  • ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
  • MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit
  • NFVi - Network Functions Virtualization infrastructure
  • SSH - Secure Shell
  • VIM - Virtual Infrastructure Manager
  • VM - Virtual Machine

System Under Test (SUT)

The system under test is assumed to be the NFVi and VIM in operation on a Pharos compliant infrastructure.

Test Area Structure

The test area is structured based on the basic operations of forwarding packets in data path through virtual networks. Specifically, the test performs clean-up operations which return the system to the same state as before the test.

This test case is included in the test case dovetail.tempest.tc001 of cvp test suite.

Test Descriptions

API Used and Reference

Security Groups:

  • create security group
  • delete security group


  • create network
  • delete network

Routers and interface:

  • create router
  • delete router
  • add interface to router


  • create subnet
  • delete subnet


  • create keypair
  • create server
  • delete server
  • add/assign floating ip


  • create port
  • delete port

Floating IPs:

  • create floating ip
  • delete floating ip

MTU Sized Frames Fit Through

Test case specification


Test preconditions

  • Nova has been configured to boot VMs with Neutron-managed networking
  • Neutron net-mtu extension API
  • One public network

Basic test flow execution description and pass/fail criteria

  • Test action 1: Create a security group SG1, which has rules for allowing incoming and outgoing SSH and ICMP traffic
  • Test action 2: Create a neutron network NET1
  • Test action 3: Create a tenant router R1 which routes traffic to public network
  • Test action 4: Create a subnet SUBNET1 and add it as router interface
  • Test action 5: Create a server VM1 with SG1 and NET1, and assign a floating ip FIP1 (via R1) to VM1
  • Test action 6: Set MTU size to be the default MTU size of the SUT’s network
  • Test action 7: Host sends MTU sized ICMP packets to VM1 using ping
  • Test assertion 1: Ping FIP1 using MTU sized packets successfully
  • Test action 8: SSH to VM1 with FIP1
  • Test assertion 2: SSH to VM1 with FIP1 successfully
  • Test action 9: Delete SG1, NET1, SUBNET1, R1, VM1 and FIP1

This test evaluates the network connectivity using MTU sized frames. Specifically, the test verifies that:

  • With Neutron net-mtu extension configured, MTU sized packets can fit through network.

In order to pass this test, all test assertions listed in the test execution above need to pass.

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