OPNFV Compliance Verification Program certification workflow


This document provides guidance for testers on how to obtain OPNFV compliance certification. The OPNFV Compliance Verification Program (CVP) is administered by the OPNFV Compliance and Certification (C&C) committee.

For further information about the workflow and general inquiries about the program, please check out the CVP web portal, or contact the C&C committee by email address cvp@opnfv.org. This email address should be used for all communication with the CVP.

Step 1: Applying

A tester should start the process by completing an application. The application form can found on the CVP web portal and the following information should be provided:

  • Organization name
  • Organization website (if public)
  • Product name and/or identifier
  • Product specifications
  • Product public documentation
  • Product categories, choose one: (i) software and hardware (ii) software and third party hardware (please specify)
  • Primary contact name, business email, postal address and phone number Only the primary email address should be used for official communication with OPNFV CVP.
  • User ID for CVP web portal The CVP web portal supports the Linux Foundation user ID in the current release. If a new user ID is needed, visit https://identity.linuxfoundation.org.
  • Location where the verification testing is to be conducted. Choose one: (internal vendor lab, third-party lab)
  • If the test is to be conducted by a third-party lab, please specify name and contact information of the third-party lab, including email, address and phone number.

Please email the completed application using the primary contact email account in order to establish identity.

Once the application information is received and in order, an email response will be sent to the primary contact with confirmation and information to proceed.

[Editor’s note: No fee has been established at this time for CVP applications. Recommend we skip fee for the initial release of CVP.]

Step 2: Testing

The following documents guide testers to prepare the test environment and run tests:

  • dovetail-system_preparation_guide
  • dovetail-test_case_specification
  • dovetail-testing_user_guide

A unique Test ID is generated by the Dovetail tool for each test run. Please take a note of this ID for future reference.

Step 3: Submitting Test Results

Testers can upload the test results to the CVP web portal. By default, the results are visible only to the tester who uploaded the data.

Testers can self-review the test results through the portal until they are ready to ask for CVP review. They may also update with or add new test results as needed.

Once the tester is satisfied with the test result, the tester grants access to the test result for CVP review via the portal. The test result is identified by the unique Test ID.

When a test result is made visible to the reviewers, the web portal will notify cvp@opnfv.org and Cc the primary contact email that a review request has been made and reference the Test ID. This will alert the C&C Committee to start the CVP review process.

Step 4: CVP Review

Upon receiving the email notification and the Test ID, the C&C Committee conducts a peer based review of the test result. Persons employed by the same organization that submitted the test results or by affiliated organizations will not be part of the reviewers.

The primary contact may be asked via email for any missing information or clarification of the application. The reviewers will make a determination and recommend compliance or non-compliance to the C&C Committee. Normally, the outcome of the review should be communicated to the tester within 10 business days after all required information is in order.

If an application is denied, an appeal can be made to the C&C Committee or ultimately to the Board of Directors of OPNFV.




Field Description
Organization name Organization name
Organization website Organization website if it is public
Product name and/or identifier Product name and/or identifier
Product specifications A link of product specifications
Product public documentation A link of product public documentation
Product categories Choose one: (i) software and hardware (ii) software and third party hardware
Primary contact name Name
Primary business email Only the Business email address should be used for official communication with OPNFV CVP
Primary postal address Address
Primary phone number Phone Number
User ID for CVP web portal Choose one: (i) Linux Foundation (ii) Openstack (iii) Github (iv) Google (v) Fackbook ID
User ID:
Location Choose one: (i)internal vendor lab (ii) third-party lab
Name and address:
Information of the 3rd-party lab If the test is to be conducted by a third-party lab, including name, email, address and phone number