Compliance and Verification program user documentation

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2017-03-15 0.0.1 Chris Price Draft version


This document provides all relevant user documentation for executing the OPNFV compliance and certification program (CVP). The CVP provides mechanisms for evaluating NFV infrastructures to establish their alignment with the target architectures, behaviours and functions defined by the OPNFV community.

Compliance and Verification Program guidelines

The CVP provides publicly available mechanisms for evaluating compliance to OPNFV concepts, behaviours and architectures. The CVP, through the Compliance and Certification committee, is responsible for evaluating the results of any evaluations and providing access to any associated OPNFV branding. Details of the CVP are described in the CVP Document.

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Compliance and Verification program test specification

The test specification provides an outline of the prerequisites, methods, tools & areas that are applicable to the CVP test process. The test specification is intended to give a use a comprehensive overview of what is expected of engineer prior to running the NFV platform evaluation suite, what tools and processes will be used during the evaluation and a guide as to how the results of the tests will be interpreted. It is advised that all practitioners of the CVP read the test specification prior to beginning the process of evaluation.

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Compliance and Verification program Test Plan

The test spec will outline the processes & areas and the test case descriptions included. This document will in addition outline how to modularise the areas to be executed, how to run each area and when the testing process begins and ends.

Compliance and Verification program Test results

To be added once our test result reporting system and processes are defined.