Doctor User Guide

Doctor capabilities and usage

Fig. 1 shows the currently implemented and tested architecture of Doctor. The implementation is based on OpenStack and related components. The Monitor can be realized by a sample Python-based implementation provided in the Doctor code repository. The Controller is realized by OpenStack Nova, Neutron and Cinder for compute, network and storage, respectively. The Inspector can be realized by OpenStack Congress or a sample Python-based implementation also available in the code repository of Doctor. The Notifier is realized by OpenStack Aodh.


Implemented and tested architecture

Immediate Notification

Immediate notification can be used by creating ‘event’ type alarm via OpenStack Alarming (Aodh) API with relevant internal components support.

See, upstream spec document:

An example of a consumer of this notification can be found in the Doctor repository. It can be executed as follows:

git clone -b stable/danube
cd doctor/tests
python "$CONSUMER_PORT" > consumer.log 2>&1 &

Consistent resource state awareness

Resource state of compute host can be changed/updated according to a trigger from a monitor running outside of OpenStack Compute (Nova) by using force-down API.

See for more detail.

Valid compute host status given to VM owner

The resource state of a compute host can be retrieved by a user with the OpenStack Compute (Nova) servers API.

See for more detail.