OPNFV Doctor Release Notes

OPNFV Doctor release notes (Danube)

Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2016-XX-XX Danube 1.0 ...  

Important notes

OPNFV Doctor project started as a requirement project and identified gaps between “as-is” open source software (OSS) and an “ideal” platform for NFV. Based on this analysis, the Doctor project proposed missing features to upstream OSS projects. After those features were implemented, OPNFV installer projects integrated the features to the OPNFV platform and the OPNFV infra/testing projects verified the functionalities in the OPNFV Labs.

This document provides an overview of the Doctor project in the OPNFV Danube release, including new features, known issues and documentation updates.

New features


    TODO: add description including pointer to feature1 and explain what it is about.

Installer support and verification status

Integrated features

Minimal Doctor functionality of VIM is available in the OPNFV platform from the Brahmaputra release. The basic Doctor framework in VIM consists of a Controller (Nova) and a Notifier (Ceilometer+Aodh) along with a sample Inspector and Monitor developed by the Doctor team.

From the Danube release, key integrated features are:

  • ...
  • ...

OPNFV installer support matrix

In the Brahmaputra release, only one installer (Apex) supported the deployment of the basic doctor framework by configuring Doctor features. In the Danube release, integration of Doctor features progressed in other OPNFV installers.


Installer Aodh integration Nova: Force compute down Nova: Get valid service status Congress integration
Apex Available Available Available (DOCTOR-67), Verified only for admin users Available (APEX-135, APEX-158), Not Verified
Fuel Available (DOCTOR-58), Not verified Available Available, Verified only for admin users N/A (FUEL-119)
Joid Available (JOID-76), Not verified TBC TBC TBC (JOID-73)
Compass Available (COMPASS-357), Not verified TBC TBC N/A (COMPASS-367)

Note: ‘Not verified’ means that we didn’t verify the functionality by having our own test scenario running in OPNFV CI pipeline yet.

Documentation updates

  • Update 1

    Description including pointer to JIRA ticket (DOCTOR-46).

Known issues

  • ...