Doctor Release Notes

OPNFV Doctor release notes (Euphrates)

This document provides an overview of the Doctor project in the OPNFV Euphrates release, including new features, known issues and documentation updates.

Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2017-10-02 5.0.0 Ryota Mibu  

Important notes

OPNFV Doctor project started as a requirement project and identified gaps between “as-is” open source software (OSS) and an “ideal” platform for NFV. Based on this analysis, the Doctor project proposed missing features to upstream OSS projects. After those features were implemented, OPNFV installer projects integrated the features to the OPNFV platform and the OPNFV infra/testing projects verified the functionalities in the OPNFV Labs.

For Euphrates release, the Doctor project focused primarily on extending to network state and refactoring testing code by python.

New features

Doctor now supports network state handling where VIM tells you the actual data plane port state, utilizing the new feature called `port-dp-status`_ developed in OpenStack Neutron as the result of our upstreaming efforts.

Installer support and verification status

Integrated features

The testing code for doctor test cases are enhanced by refactoring in python, and supporting collectd monitor.

The python refactoring improves readability and maintainability of the testing code in the Doctor repository. This would help Doctor developers as well as engineers who are referring OPNFV.

From the Euphrates release, key integrated feature is:

  • collectd as Doctor Monitor
This is experimental, as CI job is not enabled yet. But, you can see and test with collectd integrated in Doctor reference architecture.

OPNFV installer support matrix


In the Brahmaputra release, only one installer (Apex) supported the deployment of the basic Doctor framework by configuring Doctor features. In the Euphrates release, integration of Doctor features progressed in other OPNFV installers.

Installer Aodh integration Nova: Force compute down Nova: Get valid service status Congress integration
Apex Available Available Available Available
Fuel Available (DOCTOR-58) Available Available N/A (FUEL-230)
Joid Available (JOID-76), Not verified TBC TBC Available (JOID-73), Not verified
Compass Available (COMPASS-357), Not verified TBC TBC Available (COMPASS-367), Not verified

Note: ‘Not verified’ means that we didn’t verify the functionality by having our own test scenario running in OPNFV CI pipeline yet.

Documentation updates

  • maintenance detailed spec

    The maintenance design document was filed, including suggestions how to leverage features in OpenStack while developing automated maintenance capability.

  • Inspector design guideline

Known issues

  • Testing code for port-data-plane-status in Doctor repository was disabled in 5.0, as we have problem in neutron client load in CI job container.