Release notes for Daisy4nfv

1. Abstract

This document covers features, limitations and required system resources of OPNFV E 1.0 release when using Daisy4nfv as a deployment tool.

1.1. Introduction

Daisy4nfv is an OPNFV installer project based on open source project Daisycloud-core, which provides containerized deployment and management of OpenStack and other distributed systems such as OpenDaylight.

1.2. Release Data

Project Daisy4nfv
Repo/tag Daisy4nfv/Euphrates.1.0
Release designation Euphrates.1.0
Release date  
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Euphrates release

1.2.1. Deliverables Software deliverables Documentation deliverables
  • OPNFV(Euphrates) Daisy4nfv installation instructions
  • OPNFV(Euphrates) Daisy4nfv Release Notes

1.2.2. Version change Module version change

This is the Euphrates release of Daisy4nfv as a deployment toolchain in OPNFV, the following upstream components supported with this release.

  • Centos 7.3
  • Openstack (Ocata release)
  • Opendaylight (Carbon SR1)

1.2.3. Reason for new version Feature additions
  Support OpenDayLight Carbon SR1
  Support OpenStack Ocata Bug corrections



1.3. Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

1.3.1. System Limitations

Max number of blades: 1 Jumphost, 3 Controllers, 20 Compute blades

Min number of blades: 1 Jumphost, 1 Controller, 1 Compute blade

Storage: Ceph is the only supported storage configuration

Min Jumphost requirements: At least 16GB of RAM, 16 core CPU

1.3.2. Known issues

Scenario Issue Workarounds

1.4. Test Result