OPNFV Apex Release Notes


1. OPNFV Release Notes for the Euphrates release of OPNFV Apex deployment tool

1.1. Abstract

This document provides the release notes for Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain.

1.2. License

All Apex and “common” entities are protected by the Apache 2.0 License ( http://www.apache.org/licenses/ )

1.3. Important Notes

This is the OPNFV Euphrates release that implements the deploy stage of the OPNFV CI pipeline via Apex.

Apex is based on RDO’s Triple-O installation tool chain. More information at http://rdoproject.org

Carefully follow the installation-instructions which guide a user on how to deploy OPNFV using Apex installer.

1.4. Summary

Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain will establish an OPNFV target system on a Pharos compliant lab infrastructure. The current definition of an OPNFV target system is OpenStack Newton combined with an SDN controller, such as OpenDaylight. The system is deployed with OpenStack High Availability (HA) for most OpenStack services. SDN controllers are deployed on every controller unless deploying with one the HA FD.IO scenarios. Ceph storage is used as Cinder backend, and is the only supported storage for Euphrates. Ceph is setup as 3 OSDs and 3 Monitors, one OSD+Mon per Controller node in an HA setup. Apex also supports non-HA deployments, which deploys a single controller and n number of compute nodes. Furthermore, Apex is capable of deploying scenarios in a bare metal or virtual fashion. Virtual deployments use multiple VMs on the Jump Host and internal networking to simulate the a bare metal deployment.

  • Documentation is built by Jenkins
  • .iso image is built by Jenkins
  • .rpm packages are built by Jenkins
  • Jenkins deploys a Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain bare metal, which includes 3 control+network nodes, and 2 compute nodes.

1.5. Release Data

Project apex
Repo/tag apex/euphrates.1.0
Release designation 5.0.0
Release date 2017-10-20
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Euphrates release

1.5.1. Version change Module version changes

This is the first tracked version of the Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain. It is based on following upstream versions:

  • OpenStack (Newton release)
  • OpenDaylight (Carbon/Nitrogen(master) releases)
  • CentOS 7 Document Version Changes

This is the first tracked version of Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain. The following documentation is provided with this release:

  • OPNFV Installation instructions for the Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain - ver. 1.0.0
  • OPNFV Release Notes for the Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain - ver. 1.0.0 (this document) Feature Additions
JIRA: APEX-129 Adds OVN SDN Controller support
JIRA: APEX-299 Migrate to OpenStack Newton
JIRA: APEX-150 Allow for multiple external networks
JIRA: APEX-301 Support Networking ODL v2 Driver
JIRA: APEX-300 Support OpenDaylight new netvirt
JIRA: APEX-302 Upstream Tacker and Congress support
JIRA: APEX-106 Enable CPU pinning for Overcloud
JIRA: APEX-390 OpenDaylight HA as default for HA scenarios
JIRA: APEX-357 Include Quagga in SDNVPN scenario
JIRA: APEX-262 Migrate to new network settings format
JIRA: APEX-128 Adds Real Time KVM support Bug Corrections


JIRA: APEX-208 Need ability to specify which nic to place vlan on
JIRA: APEX-215 Keystone services not configured and error is silently ignored on VLAN Deployments
JIRA: APEX-221 NoHA virtual deployments should use 1 compute
JIRA: APEX-276 ODL HA is unstable and crashes frequently
JIRA: APEX-287 Name mismatch for package openstack- congress during overcloud build
JIRA: APEX-339 Enable pinning for OVS DPDK
JIRA: APEX-345 Horizon and cloud failures due to running out of file descriptors for MariaDB in noha deployments
JIRA: APEX-370 ISO builds fail in Danube
JIRA: APEX-372 Specifying same NIC for storage and private network but different VLANs results in duplicate NIC error
JIRA: APEX-373 Running smoke tests should install Ansible onto jump host
JIRA: APEX-374 Ceph accidentally disabled by default
JIRA: APEX-378 OVS 2.5.90 NSH build fails
JIRA: APEX-382 yum update on undercloud breaks deployments
JIRA: APEX-386 Fix os-net-config to match upstream stable/newton
JIRA: APEX-398 Tacker uses “RegionOne” instead of “regionOne”
JIRA: APEX-399 hugepages are not enabled when configured in deploy settings
JIRA: APEX-403 Remove Quagga from build process and cache to artifacts
JIRA: APEX-406 ODL FDIO neutron patches to all scenarios
JIRA: APEX-407 VPP service does not start upon reboot
JIRA: APEX-408 Quagga’s bgpd cannot start due to permissions
JIRA: APEX-421 Update odl/hc/vpp versions for odl_l3 noha
JIRA: APEX-426 Missing virtual-computes arg in help output for deploy
JIRA: APEX-427 Neutron openvswitch agent starts when openvswitch is restarted

1.5.2. Deliverables Software Deliverables
  • Apex .iso file
  • Apex release .rpm (opnfv-apex-release)
  • Apex overcloud .rpm (opnfv-apex) - For nosdn and OpenDaylight Scenarios
  • Apex undercloud .rpm (opnfv-apex-undercloud)
  • Apex common .rpm (opnfv-apex-common)
  • build.py - Builds the above artifacts
  • opnfv-deploy - Automatically deploys Target OPNFV System
  • opnfv-clean - Automatically resets a Target OPNFV Deployment
  • opnfv-util - Utility to connect to or debug Overcloud nodes + OpenDaylight Documentation Deliverables
  • OPNFV Installation instructions for the Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain - ver. 5.0
  • OPNFV Release Notes for the Euphrates release with the Apex deployment toolchain - ver. 5.0 (this document)

1.6. Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

1.6.1. System Limitations

Max number of blades: 1 Apex undercloud, 3 Controllers, 20 Compute blades

Min number of blades: 1 Apex undercloud, 1 Controller, 1 Compute blade

Storage: Ceph is the only supported storage configuration.

Min master requirements: At least 16GB of RAM for baremetal Jump Host, 24GB for virtual deployments (noHA).

1.6.2. Known Issues


JIRA: APEX-138 Unclear error message when interface set to dhcp
JIRA: APEX-280 Deleted network not cleaned up on controller
JIRA: APEX-295 Missing support for VLAN tenant networks
JIRA: APEX-352 Package “openstack-utils” is missing from overcloud
JIRA: APEX-368 Ceilometer stores samples and events forever
JIRA: APEX-371 Ceph partitions need to be prepared on deployment when using 2nd disk
JIRA: APEX-375 Default glance storage points to http,swift when ceph disabled
JIRA: APEX-389 Compute kernel parameters are used for all nodes
JIRA: APEX-410 Need to limit number of workers per OpenStack service for baremetal deployments
JIRA: APEX-412 Install failures with UEFI
JIRA: APEX-417 Missing OVS 2.6 + NSH support
JIRA: APEX-419 opnfv-clean sometimes leaves admin and public network down
JIRA: APEX-425 Need to tweak performance settings virtual DPDK scenarios

1.6.3. Workarounds


1.7. Test Result

Please reference Functest project documentation for test results with the Apex installer.

1.8. References

For more information on the OPNFV Euphrates release, please see:


Authors:Tim Rozet (trozet@redhat.com)
Authors:Dan Radez (dradez@redhat.com)