Yardstick Release Note


OPNFV Colorado release note for Yardstick Docs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You should have received a copy of the license along with this. If not, see <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/>.

The Yardstick framework, the Yardstick test cases and the ApexLake experimental framework are opensource software, licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

OPNFV Colorado Release Note for Yardstick


This document describes the release note of Yardstick project.

Version History

Date Version Comment
Oct 27nd, 2016 2.0 Yardstick for Colorado release
Aug 22nd, 2016 1.0 Yardstick for Colorado release

Important Notes

The software delivered in the OPNFV Yardstick Project, comprising the Yardstick framework, the Yardstick test cases and the experimental framework Apex Lake is a realization of the methodology in ETSI-ISG NFV-TST001.

The Yardstick framework is installer, infrastructure and application independent.

OPNFV Colorado Release

This Colorado release provides Yardstick as a framework for NFVI testing and OPNFV feature testing, automated in the OPNFV CI pipeline, including:

  • Documentation generated with Sphinx
    • User Guide
    • Code Documentation
    • Release notes (this document)
    • Results
  • Automated Yardstick test suite (daily, weekly)
    • Jenkins Jobs for OPNFV community labs
  • Automated Yardstick test results visualization
    • Dashboard using Grafana (user:opnfv/password: opnfv), influxDB is used as backend
  • Yardstick framework source code
  • Yardstick test cases yaml files
  • Yardstick pliug-in configration yaml files, plug-in install/remove scripts

For Colorado release, the Yardstick framework is used for the following testing:

  • OPNFV platform testing - generic test cases to measure the categories:
    • Compute
    • Network
    • Storage
  • Test cases for the following OPNFV Projects:
    • High Availability
    • IPv6
    • KVM
    • Parser
    • StorPerf
    • VSperf
    • virtual Traffic Classifier

The Yardstick framework is developed in the OPNFV community, by the Yardstick team. The virtual Traffic Classifier is a part of the Yardstick Project.


The test case description template used for the Yardstick test cases is based on the document ETSI-ISG NFV-TST001; the results report template used for the Yardstick results is based on the IEEE Std 829-2008.

Release Data

Project Yardstick
Repo/tag yardstick/colorado.2.0
Yardstick Docker image tag colorado.2.0
Release designation Colorado
Release date October 27 2016
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Colorado release 2.0


Software Deliverables

Yardstick framework source code <colorado.2.0>

Project Yardstick
Repo/tag yardstick/colorado.2.0
Yardstick Docker image tag colorado.2.0
Release designation Colorado
Release date October 27th, 2016
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Colorado release


Context Description
Heat Models orchestration using OpenStack Heat
Node Models Baremetal, Controller, Compute


Runner Description
Arithmetic Steps every run arithmetically according to specified input value
Duration Runs for a specified period of time
Iteration Runs for a specified number of iterations
Sequence Selects input value to a scenario from an input file and runs all entries sequentially


Category Delivered


  • baremetal, process

HA tools:

  • check host, openstack, process, service
  • kill process
  • start/stop service


  • command, process
  • cpuload
  • cyclictest
  • lmbench
  • lmbench_cache
  • perf
  • unixbench
  • ramspeed
  • cachestat
  • memeoryload
  • computecapacity
  • iperf3
  • netperf
  • netperf_node
  • ping
  • ping6
  • pktgen
  • sfc
  • sfc with tacker
  • vtc instantion validation
  • vtc instantion validation with noisy neighbors
  • vtc throughput
  • vtc throughput in the presence of noisy neighbors
  • networkcapacity
  • netutilization
Parser Tosca2Heat



StorPerf storperf

API to Other Frameworks

Framework Description
ApexLake Experimental framework that enables the user to validate NFVI from the perspective of a VNF. A virtual Traffic Classifier is utilized as VNF. Enables experiments with SR-IOV on Compute Node.

Test Results Output

Dispatcher Description
file Log to a file.
http Post data to html.
influxdb Post data to influxDB.

Delivered Test cases

  • Generic NFVI test cases
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCOO1 - NW Performance
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCOO4 - Cache Utilization
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCOO5 - Storage Performance
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCOO8 - Packet Loss Extended Test
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCOO9 - Packet Loss
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO10 - Memory Latency
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO11 - Packet Delay Variation Between VMs
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO12 - Memory Bandwidth
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO14 - Processing Speed
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO37 - Latency, CPU Load, Throughput, Packet Loss
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO38 - Latency, CPU Load, Throughput, Packet Loss Extended Test
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO42 - Network Performance
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO43 - Network Latency Between NFVI Nodes
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO44 - Memory Utilization
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO55 - Compute Capacity
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO61 - Network Utilization
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO63 - Storage Capacity
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO69 - Memory Bandwidth
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO70 - Latency, Memory Utilization, Throughput, Packet Loss
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO71 - Latency, Cache Utilization, Throughput, Packet Loss
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO72 - Latency, Network Utilization, Throughput, Packet Loss
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC073 - Network Latency and Throughput Between Nodes
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO75 - Network Capacity and Scale
  • Test Cases for OPNFV HA Project:
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO19 - HA: Control node Openstack service down
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC025 - HA: OpenStacK Controller Node abnormally down
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO45 - HA: Control node Openstack service down - neutron server
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC046 - HA: Control node Openstack service down - keystone
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO47 - HA: Control node Openstack service down - glance api
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC048 - HA: Control node Openstack service down - cinder api
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO49 - HA: Control node Openstack service down - swift proxy
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC050 - HA: OpenStack Controller Node Network High Availability
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO51 - HA: OpenStack Controller Node CPU Overload High Availability
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC052 - HA: OpenStack Controller Node Disk I/O Block High Availability
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO53 - HA: OpenStack Controller Load Balance Service High Availability
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC054 - HA: OpenStack Virtual IP High Availability
  • Test Case for OPNFV IPv6 Project:
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO27 - IPv6 connectivity
  • Test Case for OPNFV KVM Project:
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO28 - KVM Latency measurements
  • Test Case for OPNFV Parser Project:
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO40 - Verify Parser Yang-to-Tosca
  • Test Case for OPNFV StorPerf Project:
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO74 - Storperf
  • Test Cases for Virtual Traffic Classifier:
    • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC006 - Virtual Traffic Classifier Data Plane Throughput

Benchmarking Test

  • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC007 - Virtual Traffic Classifier Data Plane Throughput

Benchmarking in presence of noisy neighbors Test

  • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC020 - Virtual Traffic Classifier Instantiation Test
  • OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC021 - Virtual Traffic Classifier Instantiation in

presence of noisy neighbors Test

Version Change

Module Version Changes

This is the second tracked release of Yardstick. It is based on following upstream versions:

  • ONOS Goldeneye
  • OpenStack Mitaka
  • OpenDaylight Beryllium

Document Version Changes

This is the second tracked version of the Yardstick framework in OPNFV. It includes the following documentation updates:

  • Yardstick User Guide: added yardstick plugin chapter; added Store Other

Project’s Test Results in InfluxDB chapter; Refine yardstick instantion chapter.

  • Yardstick Code Documentation: no changes
  • Yardstick Release Notes for Yardstick: this document
  • Test Results report for Colorado testing with Yardstick: updated listed of

verified scenarios and limitations

Feature additions

  • Yardstick plugin
  • Yardstick reporting
  • StorPerf Integration

Scenario Matrix

For Colorado 2.0, Yardstick was tested on the following scenarios:

Scenario Apex Compass Fuel Joid
os-nosdn-nofeature-noha       X
os-nosdn-nofeature-ha X   X X
os-odl_l2-nofeature-ha X X X X
os-odl_l2-nofeature-noha   X    
os-odl_l3-nofeature-ha X   X  
os-odl_l3-nofeature-ha   X    
os-onos-sfc-ha X   X X
os-onos-nofeature-ha X   X X
os-onos-nofeature-noha   X    
os-odl_l2-sfc-ha     X  
os-odl_l2-sfc-noha X X    
os-odl_l2-bgpvpn-ha X   X  
os-odl_l2-bgpvpn-noha   X    
os-nosdn-kvm-ha     X  
os-nosdn-kvm-noha   X    
os-nosdn-ovs-ha     X  
os-nosdn-ovs-noha X   X  
os-nosdn-lxd-ha       X
os-nosdn-lxd-noha       X
os-odl_l2-fdio-noha X      

Test results

Test results are available in:

The reporting pages can be found at:

You can get additional details through test logs on http://artifacts.opnfv.org/. As no search engine is available on the OPNFV artifact web site you must retrieve the pod identifier on which the tests have been executed (see field pod in any of the results) then click on the selected POD and look for the date of the test you are interested in.

Known Issues/Faults

  • Floating IP not supported in bgpvpn scenario
  • Floating IP not supported in apex-os-odl_l3-nofeature-ha scenario


The faults not related to Yardstick framework, addressing scenarios which were not fully verified, are listed in the OPNFV installer’s release notes.

Corrected Faults


JIRA: YARDSTICK-325 Provide raw format yardstick vm image for nova-lxd scenario.
JIRA: YARDSTICK-358 tc027 ipv6 test case to de-coupling to the installers.
JIRA: YARDSTICK-359 ipv6 testcase disable port-security on vRouter.
JIRA: YARDSTICK-363 ipv6 testcase to support fuel.
JIRA: YARDSTICK-367 Add d3 graph presentation to yardstick reporting.
JIRA: YARDSTICK-371 Provide raw format yardstick vm image for nova-lxd scenario.
JIRA: YARDSTICK-372 cannot find yardstick-img-dpdk-modify and yardstick-img-lxd-modify in environment varibales.

Colorado 2.0 known restrictions/issues

Installer Scenario Issue
any *-bgpvpn Floating ips not supported. Some Test cases related to floating ips are excluded.
any odl_l3-* Some test cases related to using floating IP addresses fail because of a known ODL bug. https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/APEX-112

Open JIRA tickets