OPNFV Copper Project

1. Introduction


This is the working documentation for the VNF Event Stream (VES) project.

The OPNFV VES project aims to develop OPNFV platform support for VNF event streams, in a common model and format intended for use by NFV Service Providers (SPs), e.g. in managing VNF health and lifecycle. The project’s goal is to enable a significant reduction in the effort to develop and integrate VNF telemetry-related data into automated VNF management systems, by promoting convergence toward a common event stream format and collection system.

The documentation provided here focuses on the specific features supported in the Danube release.

2. Release Notes

2.1. VES Danube Release Scope

OPNFV Danube includes:

  • Further enhancements of VES test scripts

3. Definitions

Term Meaning
State Information that can be used to convey or imply the state of something, e.g. an application, resource, entity, etc. This can include data held inside OPNFV components, “events” that have occurred.
YANG A data modeling language used to model configuration and state data manipulated by the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF), NETCONF remote procedure calls, and NETCONF notifications.

4. Abbreviations

Term Meaning
CRUD Create, Read, Update, Delete (database operation types)
FCAPS Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security
NF Network Function
SFC Service Function Chaining
VNF Virtual Network Function
NFVI Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure
TOSCA Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications
NETCONF Network Configuration Protocol

5. Use Cases

5.1. Implemented in Current Release

5.1.1. VES Hello World Demo

Information on and links to the VES Hello World demo can be found on the VES Demo page.

6. VES Configuration

6.1. Pre-configuration Activities

None required.

6.2. Hardware Configuration

There is no specific hardware configuration required for the VES project.

6.3. Feature Configuration

6.3.1. OPNFV Installer Support

There is currently no OPNFV installer support for the components used by the VES project.

6.3.2. Manual Installation

The VES test scripts automatically install VES components. Instructions are included in the following scripts:

  • ves/tests/vHello_VES.sh

Prerequisites to using vHello_VES:

  • OPFNV installed via JOID or Apex

7. VES Post Installation Procedures


8. VES Capabilities and Usage

Current information on the capabilities of the VES project can be found on the VES wiki.

Examples of test usage can be found on the VES Demo page.