SampleVNF test results

SampleVNF test tesult document overview

This document provides an overview of the results of test cases developed by the OPNFV SampleVNF Project & test cases executed part of yardstick

SampleVNF project is described in SampleVNF user guide.

OPNFV CI for SampleVNF automated build, deploy and testing for the software developed in OPNFV is out of scope for OPNFV E-release.

OPNFV Yardstick is used as a Test Infrastrucutre to validate all the performace testcases on different context like Bare-Metal, Standalone virtualization and Openstack. OPNF CI enable for yardstick testases work in progress.


  • IEEE Std 829-2008. “Standard for Software and System Test Documentation”.
  • DPDK. “”.

Results listed by scenario

The following sections describe the yardstick results as evaluated for the Euphrates release. Each section describes the determined state of the specific test case in Euphrates release.

Feature Test Results

The following features were verified by SampleVNF test cases:

  • vFW - Virtual Firewall
    • Basic Packet filter dropping malformed, invalid packets based on L3/L4 packet headers
    • Policy based filtering
    • Dynamic Packet filtering through Connection Tracker for TCP and UDP
    • SYN-flood protection via synproxy for TCP
    • UDP, TCP and ICMP protocol pass-through
    • CLI based enable/disable connection tracking, synproxy, basic packet filtering
    • Multithread support
    • Multiple physical port support
    • Providing statistics on traffic traversing the VNF
  • vCG-NAPT - Carrier Grade Network Address and port Translation
    • Static and dynamic Network address translation.
    • Static and dynamic Network address and port translation
    • ARP (request, response, gratuitous)
    • ICMP (terminal echo, echo response, pass-through)
    • UDP, TCP and ICMP protocol pass-through
    • Multithread support and Multiple physical port support
    • Limiting max ports per client
    • Limiting max clients per public IP address
    • Live Session tracking to NAT flow
    • NAT64 – connectivity between IPv6 access network to IPv4 data network.
  • vACL - Access Control List
    • CLI based Run-time rule configuration (Add, Delete, List, Display, Clear, Modify)
    • IPv4 and IPv6 5 tuple packet Selector support
    • Counting packets and bytes per rule
    • Multithread support
    • Multiple physical port support
    • Forwarding packets to specific ports on base of rules
    • Rules definition on base TCP/UDP connection tracking
  • Prox - Packet pROcessing eXecution engine.
    • Classify
    • Drop
    • Basic Forwarding (no touch)
    • L2 Forwarding (change MAC)
    • GRE encap/decap
    • Load balance based on packet fields
    • Symmetric load balancing
    • QinQ encap/decap IPv4/IPv6
    • ARP
    • QoS
    • Routing
    • Unmpls
    • Policing
    • Basic ACL
    • Basic CGNAT