SampleVNF Release Notes


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The SampleVNFs, the SampleVNF test cases are opensource software, licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

OPNFV Euphrates Release Note for SampleVNF


This document describes the release note of SampleVNF project.

Version History

Date Version Comment
“Oct 20 2017” 5.0 SampleVNF for Euphrates release

Important Notes

The software delivered in the OPNFV SampleVNF Project, comprising the SampleVNF VNFs and performance test case are part of OPNFV Yardstick Project is a realization of the methodology in ETSI-ISG NFV-TST001.

OPNFV Euphrates Release

This Euphrates release provides SampleVNF as a approx VNF repository for VNF/NFVI testing, characterization and OPNFV feature testing, automated on OPNFV platform, including:

  • Documentation generated with Sphinx
    • User Guide
    • Developer Guide
    • Release notes (this document)
    • Results
  • Automated SampleVNF test suit in OPNFV Yardstick Project
  • SampleVNF source code

For Euphrates release, the SampleVNF supported:

VNF Name version
CGNAPT Carrier Grade Network Address and port Translation .5.0 v0.1.0
Packet pROcessing eXecution engine
acts as traffic generator, L3FWD, L2FWD, BNG etc
vACL Access Control List v0.1.0
vFW Firewall v0.1.0
UDP_replay UDP_Replay v0.1.0


Highlevel Desgin and features supported by each of the VNFs is described in Developer and user guide.

For Euphrates release, the SampleVNF is used for the following testing:

  • OPNFV platform testing - generic test cases to measure the categories:
    • NFVI Characterization:
      • Network
    • VNF Characterization:
      • Network - rfc2544, rfc3511, latency, http_test etc

The SampleVNF is developed in the OPNFV community, by the SampleVNF team. The Network Service Benchmarking SampleVNF Characterization Testing tool is a part of the Yardstick Project.


The test case description template used for the SampleVNF in yardstick test cases is based on the document ETSI-ISG NFV-TST001; the results report template used for the SampleVNF test results is based on the IEEE Std 829-2008.

Release Data

Project SampleVNF
Repo/tag samplevnf/Euphrates.5.0
SampleVNF Docker image tag Euphrates.5.0
Release designation Euphrates
Release date “October 20 2017”
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Euphrates release 5.0


Software Deliverables

  • The SampleVNF Docker image: To be added

SampleVNF tested on Contexts

Context Description
Heat Models orchestration using OpenStack Heat
Node Models Baremetal, Controller, Compute
Standalone Models VM running on Non-Managed NFVi

Document Version Changes

This is the first version of the SampleVNF in OPNFV. It includes the following documentation updates:

  • SampleVNF User Guide:
  • SampleVNF Developer Guide
  • SampleVNF Release Notes for SampleVNF: this document

Feature additions

  • SampleVNF RESTful API support
  • Introduce Network service benchmarking

Known Issues/Faults

  • Huge page freeing needs to be handled properly while running the application else it might cause system crash. Known issue from DPDK.
  • UDP Replay is used to capture throughput for dynamic cgnapt
  • Hardware Checksum offload is not supported for IPv6 traffic
  • SampleVNF on sriov is tested till 4 threads
  • Rest API is supported only for vACL, vFW, vCGNAPT
  • Rest API uses port 80, make sure other webservices are stopped before using SampleVNF RestAPI.

Corrected Faults



Euphrates known restrictions/issues

Installer Scenario Issue

Open JIRA tickets