OPNFV Installation Instruction

1. Abstract

The following document provides an overview of the instructions required for the installation of the Colorado release of OPNFV.

The Colorado release can be installed using a variety of technologies provided by the integration projects participating in OPNFV: Apex, Compass4Nfv, Fuel and JOID. Each installer provides the ability to install a common OPNFV platform as well as integrating additional features delivered through a variety of scenarios by the OPNFV community.

2. Introduction

The OPNFV platform is comprised of a variety of upstream components that may be deployed on your physical infrastructure. A composition of components, tools and configurations is identified in OPNFV as a deployment scenario. The various OPNFV scenarios provide unique features and capabilities that you may want to leverage, it is important to understand your required target platform capabilities before installing and configuring your target scenario.

An OPNFV installation requires either a physical, or virtual, infrastructure environment as defined in the Pharos specification. When configuring a physical infrastructure it is strongly advised to follow the Pharos configuration guidelines.

3. Scenarios

OPNFV scenarios are designed to host virtualised network functions (VNF’s) in a variety of deployment architectures and locations. Each scenario provides specific capabilities and/or components aimed to solve specific problems for the deployment of VNF’s. A scenario may, for instance, include components such as OpenStack, OpenDaylight, OVS, KVM etc... where each scenario will include different source components or configurations.

To learn more about the scenarios supported in the Colorado release refer to the scenario description documents provided:

4. Installation Procedure

Detailed step by step instructions for working with an installation toolchain and installing the required scenario are provided by each installation project. The four projects providing installation support for the OPNFV Colorado release are; Apex, Compass4nfv, Fuel and Joid.

The instructions for each toolchain can be found in these links:

5. OPNFV Test Frameworks

If you have elected to install the OPNFV platform using the deployment toolchain provided by OPNFV your system will have been validated once the installation is completed. The basic deployment validation only addresses a small component of the capability provided in the platform and you may desire to execute more exhaustive tests. Some investigation is required to select the right test suites to run on your platform from the available projects and suites.

Many of the OPNFV test project provide user-guide documentation and installation instructions as provided below: