NFVbench Release Notes

OPNFV Euphrates Release

This is the introductory release for NFVbench. In this release, NFVbench provides the following features/capabilities:

  • standalone installation with a single Docker container integrating the open source TRex traffic generator

  • can measure data plane performance for any NFVi full stack

  • can setup automatically service chains with the following packet paths:
    • PVP (physical-VM-physical)
    • PVVP (physical-VM-VM-physical) intra-node and inter-node
  • can setup multiple service chains
    • N * PVP
    • N * PVVP
  • supports any external service chain (pre-set externally) that can do basic IPv4 routing

  • can measure
    • drop rate and latency for any given fixed rate
    • NDR (No Drop Rate) and PDR (Partial Drop Rate) with configurable drop rates
  • traffic specification
    • any fixed frame size or IMIX
    • uni or bidirectional traffic
    • any number of flows
    • vlan tagging can be enabled or disabled
  • user interface:
    • CLI
    • REST+socketIO
  • fully configurable runs with yaml-JSON configuration

  • detailed results in JSON format

  • summary tabular results

  • can send logs and results to one or more fluentd aggregators (per configuration)