Moon Release Notes

1. License

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2. OPNFV Colorado1.0 release note for Moon

2.1. Abstract

This document provides the release notes for Colorado release of Moon project.

2.2. Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2016-09-20 0.1.0   Colorado release

2.3. OPNFV Colorado Release

Moon provides a security management framework for the OPNFV infrastructure. It includes a set of software modules.

The internal software modules are:

  • keystone-moon
  • keystonemiddleware-moon
  • moonclient
  • odl-aaa-moon
  • tests

The OPNFV projects installs Moon is:

  • Compass4NFV

The OPNFV projects tests Moon are:

  • Functest
  • Yardstick

2.4. Release Data

Project functest
Repo/tag colorado.1.0
Release designation Colorado base release
Release date September 22 2016
Purpose of the delivery Colorado base release

2.5. Version change

2.5.1. Feature evolution

This is the first tracked release of Moon

2.5.2. Document evolution

This is the initial version of the Moon project in OPNFV.

2.7. References

For more information on the Moon Colorado release, please see:


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Build date: December 06, 2016