KVMFORNFV Release Notes for Colorado Release


This document provides the release notes for Colorado 1.0 release of KVMFORNFV.


1 Version History

2 Important notes

3 Summary

4 Delivery Data

5 References

1 Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2016-08-22 0.1.0   Colorado 1.0 release

2 Important notes

The KVMFORNFV project is currently supported on the Fuel installer.

3 Summary

This Colorado 1.0 release provides KVMFORNFV as a framework to enhance the KVM Hypervisor for NFV and OPNFV scenario testing, automated in the OPNFV CI pipeline, including:

  • KVMFORNFV source code
  • Automation of building the Kernel and qemu for RPM and debian packages
  • Cyclictests execution to check the latency
  • “os-sdn-kvm-ha” Scenario testing for high availability configuration using

Fuel installer

  • Documentation created
    • User Guide
    • Configuration Guide
    • Installation Procedure
    • Release notes (this document)

The KVMFORNFV framework is developed in the OPNFV community, by the KVMFORNFV team.

4 Release Data

Project NFV Hypervisors-KVM
Repo/commit-ID kvmfornfv
Release designation Colorado
Release date 2016-09-22
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Colorado 1.0 Releases

4.1 Version change

4.1.1 Module version changes

This is the Colorado 1.0 main release. It is based on following upstream versions:

  • RT Kernel 4.4.6-rt14
  • QEMU 2.6
  • Fuel plugin based on Fuel 9.0

This is the first tracked release of KVMFORNFV

4.1.2 Document version changes

This is the initial version of the KVMFORNFV framework in OPNFV.

4.2 Reason for version

4.2.1 Feature additions

4.2.2 Bug corrections

Initial Release

4.3 Deliverables

4.3.1 Software deliverables

Colorado 1.0 release of the KVMFORNFV RPM and debian for Fuel.

4.3.2 Documentation deliverables

The below documents are delivered for Colorado KVMFORNFV Release:

  • User Guide
  • Configuration Guide
  • Installation Procedure
  • Overview
  • Release notes (this document)
  • Glossary

5 References

For more information on the KVMFORNFV Colorado release, please see: