ERICSSON OPNFV Lab Configuration Files

Ericssion OPNFV Lab Specification


Ericsson OPNFV Lab currently has 2 Bare Metal and 3 Virtual PODs available globally (hosted in the GIC). Each POD has 5 servers, comprised of 3 controller nodes (HA) and 2 computes nodes. NOTE: (this make differ depending on scenario).

These PODs are dedicated for use by Production/CI. These PODs focus on providing verification, build, deploy and testing for scenarios related with test projects, installer projects and perforamnce enhancement projects, such as KVM, OVS, FDS, etc.

In addition to the full-time CI/CD resources, the Ericsson OPNFV lab provides developer labs (DRs) for project usage, testing and development.

Scenarios services by this lab are:

Scenario defitions can be found here: Colorado Scenario Status

Lab Resources

POD Name Project(s) PTL(s) Email(s) POD Role Status Notes
POD1 CI/CD Daniel Smith CI: latest Active BM-CI
POD2 CI/CD Daniel Smith CI: latest Active BM-CI
vPOD1 CI/CD Fatih Degirmenci CI: latest Active Virt-CI
PHAROS-166 FUEL Constant Wette DR: B-rel Active Nested
PHAROS-167 OVSNFV Billy O’Mahoney DR: C-rel Active Hybrid
PHAROS-174 GLUON Bin Hu DR: D-rel Active Nested*
Brunner DR: D-rel Active Nested*
Hu DR: D-rel Active Nested*
Barabas DR: C-rel Active Nested*
Irnich DR: C-rel Active Nested*
Lausuch DR: C-rel Active Nested*
Hermanns DR: C-rel Active Nested*

Acceptable Usage Policy

Resources located in Ericsson OPNFV lab shall only be used for CI, infra setup/configuration and troubleshooting purposes. No development work is allowed in these PODs. Development Work should only be performed on the DR labs assigned to individual projects.

Remote Access Infrastructure

Ericsson OPNFV lab provides a SSH GW that allows for unlimited port-forwarding, as well as Remote Desktop, VNC and SOCKS proxy capability allowing the end user to feel as though directly connected to the lab.

Remote Access Procedure

Access to this environment can be granted by sending an e-mail to:

Subject: ericsson opnfv access.

The following information should be provided in the request:

Full name:
Why is access needed:
How long is access needed:
Number of Hosts required:
Topology Required (HA, SA):
Feature/Plugins/Options Required (DPDK, ODL, ONOS):

Enclosed a copy of your (public key) with your request and a login will be created for you

Lab Documentation

Lab Topology

Lab diagram not found

Each POD is an individual entity with its own set of independant networks allowing for interconnection between DR labs, intra connectinos within multiple Nested DRs all without touching the CI/CD running in production.

Refer to each Lab specific wiki page for IP and Login and Topology Information.