OPNFV Copper Release Notes

1. Release Notes

1.1. Copper Release 1 Scope

OPNFV Brahmaputra was the initial OPNFV release for Copper, and achieved the goals:

  • Add the OpenStack Congress service to OPNFV, through at least one installer project, through post-install configuration.
  • Provide basis tests scripts and tools to exercise the Congress service

1.2. Copper Release 2 Scope

OPNFV Colorado includes the additional features:
  • Congress support in the the OPNFV CI/CD pipeline for the JOID and Apex installers, through the following projects being upstreamed to OpenStack:
    • For JOID, a JuJu Charm for Congress
    • For Apex, a Puppet Module for Congress
  • Congress use case tests integrated into Functest and as manual tests
  • Further enhancements of Congress test tools

2. Limitations

The following features have not been verified as of this release:

  • HA deployment: Congress should be installed in OPNFV deployments in a non-HA mode, including in HA deployment scenarios. Basic HA support was implemented for Congress in the Mitaka release (see https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/basic-high-availability,n,z), but this feature has not yet been verified on the OPNFV platform.
  • Horizon plugin: The Congress Horizon plugin (a “policy tab”) has not been deployed in OPNFV as of this release. Installing the needed Horizon plugin files on the Horizon host is a future work item.