OPNFV Copper Installation Procedure

1. Copper configuration

This release includes installer support for the OpenStack Congress service under JOID and Apex installers. Congress is installed by default for all JOID and Apex scenarios. Support for other OPNFV installer deployed environments is planned for the next release.

1.1. Pre-configuration activities

None required.

1.2. Hardware configuration

There is no specific hardware configuration required for the Copper project.

1.3. Feature configuration

1.3.1. OPNFV installer support

The Congress service is automatically configured as required by the JOID and Apex installers, including creation of datasources per the installed datasource drivers. This release includes default support for the following datasource drivers:

  • nova
  • neutronv2
  • ceilometer
  • cinder
  • glancev2
  • keystone

For JOID, Congress is installed through a JuJu Charm, and for Apex through a Puppet Module. Both the Charm and Module are being upstreamed to OpenStack for future maintenance.

Other project installer support (e.g. Doctor) may install additional datasource drivers once Congress is installed.

1.3.2. Manual installation

NOTE: This section describes a manual install procedure that had been tested under the JOID and Apex base installs, prior to the integration of native installer support through JuJu (JOID) and Puppet (Apex). This procedure is being maintained as a basis for additional installer support in future releases. However since Congress is pre-installed for JOID and Apex, this procedure is not necessary and not recommended for use if Congress is already installed.

Copper provides a set of bash scripts to automatically install Congress based upon a JOID or Apex install which does not already have Congress installed. These scripts are in the Copper repo at:

  • components/congress/install/bash/install_congress_1.sh
  • components/congress/install/bash/install_congress_2.sh
Prerequisites to using these scripts:
  • OPFNV installed via JOID or Apex
  • For Apex installs, on the jumphost, ssh to the undercloud VM and “su stack”.
  • For JOID installs, admin-openrc.sh saved from Horizon to ~/admin-openrc.sh
  • Retrieve the copper install script as below, optionally specifying the branch to use as a URL parameter, e.g. ?h=stable%2Fbrahmaputra

To invoke the procedure, enter the following shell commands, optionally specifying the branch identifier to use for OpenStack.

cd ~
wget https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/copper/plain/components/congress/install/bash/install_congress_1.sh
wget https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/copper/plain/components/congress/install/bash/install_congress_2.sh
bash install_congress_1.sh [openstack-branch]

1.4. Copper post configuration procedures

No configuration procedures are required beyond the basic install procedure.

2. Copper post installation procedures

This section describes optional procedures for verifying that the Congress service is operational, and additional test tools developed for the Colorado release.

2.1. Copper functional tests

This release includes the following test cases which are integrated into OPNFV Functest for the JOID and Apex installers:

  • DMZ Placement: dmz.sh
  • SMTP Ingress: smtp_ingress.sh
  • Reserved Subnet: reserved_subnet.sh

These scripts, related scripts that clean up the OpenStack environment afterward, and a combined test runner (run.sh) are in the Copper repo under the “tests” folder. Instructions for using the tests are provided as script comments.

Further description of the tests is provided on the Copper wiki at https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/copper/testing.

2.2. Congress test webapp

This release also provides a webapp that can be automatically installed in a docker container on the jumphost. This script is in the Copper repo at:

  • components/congress/test-webapp/setup/install_congress_testserver.sh
Prerequisites to using this script:
  • OPFNV installed per JOID or Apex installer
  • For Apex installs, on the jumphost, ssh to the undercloud VM and “su stack”

To invoke the procedure, enter the following shell commands, optionally specifying the branch identifier to use for Copper.

wget https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/copper/plain/components/congress/test-webapp/setup/install_congress_testserver.sh
bash install_congress_testserver.sh [copper-branch]

2.2.1. Using the test webapp

Browse to the webapp IP address provided at the end of the install procedure.

Interactive options are meant to be self-explanatory given a basic familiarity with the Congress service and data model.

2.2.2. Removing the test webapp

The webapp can be removed by running this script from the Copper repo:
  • components/congress/test-webapp/setup/clean_congress_testserver.sh