11. Installing vswitchperf

The test suite requires Python 3.3 and relies on a number of other packages. These need to be installed for the test suite to function. To install Python 3.3 in CentOS 7, an additional repository, Software Collections (see https://www.softwarecollections.org/en/scls/rhscl/python33) should be enabled.

Installation of required packages and preparation of Python 3 virtual environment is performed by systems/build_base_machine.sh. It should be executed under user account, which will be used for vsperf execution. Password less sudo access must be configured for given user account before script is executed.

Execution of installation script:

cd systems

You need to activate the virtual environment every time you start a new shell session. To activate, simple run:

scl enable python33 bash
cd vsperfenv
source bin/activate

12. Working Behind a Proxy

If you’re behind a proxy, you’ll likely want to configure this before running any of the above. For example:

export http_proxy=proxy.mycompany.com:123
export https_proxy=proxy.mycompany.com:123