1. How to create documentation for your OPNFV project

this is the directory structure of the docs/ directory that can be found in the root of your project directory


To create your own documentation, Create any number of directories (depending on your need) and place in each of them an index.rst. This index file must refence your other rst files.

  • Here is an example index.rst
Example Documentation table of contents


.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 4


Indices and tables

* :ref:`search`

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2. The Sphinx Build

When you push documentation changes to gerrit a jenkins job will create html documentation.

  • Verify Jobs

For verify jobs a link to the documentation will show up as a comment in gerrit for you to see the result.

  • Merge jobs

Once you are happy with the look of your documentation you can submit the patchset the merge job will copy the output of each documentation directory to http://artifacts.opnfv.org/$project/docs/$name_of_your_folder/index.html

Here are some quick examples of how to use rst markup

This is a headline:

here is some code, note that it is indented

links are easy to add: Here is a link to sphinx, the tool that we are using to generate documetation http://sphinx-doc.org/

  • Bulleted Items

    this will be bold

echo "Heres is a code block with bash syntax highlighting"

Leave these at the bottom of each of your documents they are used internally

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