Setting Up a Service VM as an IPv6 vRouterΒΆ

Editors:Bin Hu (AT&T), Sridhar Gaddam (RedHat)
Authors:Sridhar Gaddam (RedHat), Bin Hu (AT&T)

This document provides the users with installation guidelines to create a Service VM as an IPv6 vRouter in OPNFV environment, i.e. integrated OpenStack with Open Daylight environment. There are three scenarios.

  • Scenario 1 is pre-OPNFV environment, i.e. a native OpenStack environment without Open Daylight Controller.
  • Scenario 2 is an OPNFV environment where OpenStack is integrated with Open Daylight Official Lithium Release. In this setup we use ODL for “Layer 2 connectivity” and Neutron L3 agent for “Layer 3 routing”. Because of a bug, which got fixed recently and is not part of ODL SR3, we will have to manually execute certain commands to simulate an external IPv6 Router in this setup.
  • Scenario 3 is similar to Scenario 2. However, we use an Open Daylight Lithium controller which is built from the latest stable/Lithium branch which includes the fix. In this scenario, we can fully automate the setup similar to Scenario 1.

Please NOTE that the instructions in this document assume the deployment model of single controller node. In case of HA (High Availability) deployment model where multiple controller nodes are used, the setup procedure is the same. In particular:

  • There is No Impact on Scenario 1 and Scenario 3.
  • For Scenario 2, when ipv6-router is created in step SETUP-SVM-11, it could be created in any of the controller node. Thus you need to identify in which controller node ipv6-router is created in order to manually spawn radvd daemon inside the ipv6-router namespace in steps SETUP-SVM-24 through SETUP-SVM-30.