IPv6 Gap Analysis with Open Daylight BerylliumΒΆ

This section provides users with IPv6 gap analysis regarding feature requirement with Open Daylight Beryllium Official Release. The following table lists the use cases / feature requirements of VIM-agnostic IPv6 functionality, including infrastructure layer and VNF (VM) layer, and its gap analysis with Open Daylight Beryllium Official Release.

Use Case / Requirement Supported in ODL Beryllium Notes
REST API support for IPv6 subnet creation in ODL Yes

Yes, it is possible to create IPv6 subnets in ODL using Neutron REST API.

For a network which has both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets, ODL mechanism driver will send the port information which includes IPv4/v6 addresses to ODL Neutron northbound API. When port information is queried it displays IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. However, in Beryllium release, ODL net-virt provider does not support IPv6 features (i.e., the actual functionality is missing and would be available only in the later releases of ODL).

IPv6 Router support in ODL

  1. Communication between VMs on same compute node
  2. Communication between VMs on different compute nodes (east-west)
  3. External routing (north-south)

ODL net-virt provider in Beryllium release only supports IPv4 Router.

In the meantime, if IPv6 Routing is necessary, we can use ODL for L2 connectivity and Neutron L3 agent for IPv4/v6 routing.

IPAM: Support for IPv6 Address assignment modes.

  1. SLAAC
  2. DHCPv6 Stateless
  3. DHCPv6 Stateful
No Although it is possible to create different types of IPv6 subnets in ODL, ODL_L3 would have to implement the IPv6 Router that can send out Router Advertisements based on the IPv6 addressing mode. Router Advertisement is also necessary for VMs to configure the default route.
When using ODL for L2 forwarding/tunneling, it is compatible with IPv6. Yes  
Full support for IPv6 matching (i.e., IPv6, ICMPv6, TCP, UDP) in security groups. Ability to control and manage all IPv6 security group capabilities via Neutron/Nova API (REST and CLI) as well as via Horizon. No Security Groups for IPv6 is a work in progress.
Shared Networks support No ODL currently assumes a single tenant to network mapping and does not support shared networks among tenants.
IPv6 external L2 VLAN directly attached to a VM. ToDo  
ODL on an IPv6 only Infrastructure. ToDo Deploying OpenStack with ODL on an IPv6 only infrastructure where the API endpoints are all IPv6 addresses.