1. Features to Date

This section provides a summary of the features implemented to date and their relevant upstream projects.


Fig. 1.1 SFQM features to date


Fig. 1.2 SFQM features to date cont.

Please note the timeline denotes DPDK releases.

2. Release B

The features implemented for OPNFV release B in DPDK include:

  • Callback API to enable TX/RX timestamping to measure latency through DPDK.
  • Extended NIC statistics API for 1GB, 10GB and 40GB NICs to expose detailed statistics for DPDK interfaces in addition to the overall aggregate statistics.
  • DPDK Keep Alive.

3. Release C

The features implemented for OPNFV release C include:

  • DPDK extended NIC stats API improvement; migrate from key value pairs to using id value pairs.
  • DPDK Keep Alive improvement, so that core status is exposed through a posix shared memory object.
  • collectd dpdkstat plugin that can retrieve DPDK interface statistics.
  • collectd ceilometer plugin that can publish any statistics collected by collectd to ceilometer.
  • Fuel plugin support for the collectd ceilometer plugin for OPNFV.