Impact AnalysisΒΆ

Upgrading the different software modules may cause different impact on the availability of the infrastructure resources and even on the service continuity of the vNFs.

Software modules in the computing nodes

  1. Host OS patch
  2. Hypervisor, such as KVM, QEMU, XEN, libvirt
  3. Openstack agent in computing nodes (like Nova agent, Ceilometer agent...)

Software modules in network nodes

  1. Neutron L2/L3 agent
  2. OVS, SR-IOV Driver

Software modules storage nodes

  1. Ceph

The table below analyses such an impact - considering a single instance of each software module - from the following aspects:

  • the function which will be lost during upgrade,
  • the duration of the loss of this specific function,
  • if this causes the loss of the vNF function,
  • if it causes incompatibility in the different parts of the software,
  • what should be backed up before the upgrade,
  • the duration of restoration time if the upgrade fails

These values provided come from internal testing and based on some assumptions, they may vary depending on the deployment techniques. Please feel free to add if you find more efficient values during your testing.

Note that no redundancy of the software modules is considered in the table.