Test case two


This test case is the second and no one really cares for it. If you have it in you please refer to the `Plugfest setup and configuration`_ section, it’s OK to simply amble on at this stage. (It’s only the second test case)


Somewhere in ETSI there may be a useful link.

Test Setup

  1. The number 2 is kind of important.
  2. Try and get to the number 2.
  3. It’s OK if you only count to 1 we understand.

Method of Procedure

  1. Count to two.
  2. Stop, if you counted to something else we forgive you.

Expected Results

  1. You arrived at 2.
  2. This results is used to indicate the pass/fail status for the test case itself.
  3. To pass a test case, metrics would be expected to “pass” 1 and not stray to 3.