6. Summary and conclusionΒΆ

The Doctor project aimed at detailing NFVI fault management and NFVI maintenance requirements. These are indispensable operations for an Operator, and extremely necessary to realize telco-grade high availability. High availability is a large topic; the objective of Doctor is not to realize a complete high availability architecture and implementation. Instead, Doctor limited itself to addressing the fault events in NFVI, and proposes enhancements necessary in VIM, e.g. OpenStack, to ensure VNFs availability in such fault events, taking a Telco VNFs application level management system into account.

The Doctor project performed a robust analysis of the requirements from NFVI fault management and NFVI maintenance operation, concretely found out gaps in between such requirements and the current implementation of OpenStack, and proposed potential development plans to fill out such gaps in OpenStack. Blueprints are already under investigation and the next step is to fill out those gaps in OpenStack by code development in the coming releases.