2.0 Hardware HA

The hardware HA can be solved by several legacy HA schemes. However, when considering the NFV scenarios, a hardware failure will cause collateral damage to not only to the services but also virtual infrastructure running on it.

A redundant architecture and automatic failover for the hardware are required for the NFV scenario. At the same time, the fault detection and report of HW failure from the hardware to VIM, VNFM and if necessary the Orchestrator to achieve HA in OPNFV. A sample fault table can be found in the Doctor project. (https://wiki.opnfv.org/doctor/faults) All the critical hardware failures should be reported to the VIM within 1s.

Other warnings for the hardware should also be reported to the VIM in a timely manner.

General Requirements:

Network plane Requirements:

Power supply system:

Cooling system:

Disk Array: