Apexlake API Interface Definition

The API interface provided by the framework to enable the execution of test cases is defined as follows.


static init()

Initializes the Framework

Returns None


static execute_framework (test_cases,






Executes the framework according the specified inputs


  • test_cases

    Test cases to be run with the workload (dict() of dict())


    test_case = dict()

    test_case[’name’] = ‘module.Class’

    test_case[’params’] = dict()

    test_case[’params’][’throughput’] = ‘1’

    test_case[’params’][’vlan_sender’] = ‘1000’

    test_case[’params’][’vlan_receiver’] = ‘1001’

    test_cases = [test_case]

  • iterations

    Number of test cycles to be executed (int)

  • heat_template

    (string) File name of the heat template corresponding to the workload to be deployed. It contains the parameters to be evaluated in the form of #parameter_name. (See heat_templates/vTC.yaml as example).

  • heat_template_parameters

    (dict) Parameters to be provided as input to the heat template. See http://docs.openstack.org/developer/heat/ template_guide/hot_guide.html section “Template input parameters” for further info.

  • deployment_configuration

    ( dict[string] = list(strings) ) ) Dictionary of parameters representing the deployment configuration of the workload.

    The key is a string corresponding to the name of the parameter, the value is a list of strings representing the value to be assumed by a specific param. The parameters are user defined: they have to correspond to the place holders (#parameter_name) specified in the heat template.

Returns dict() containing results