Yardstick Test Report


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This document is part of deliverables of the OPNFV release brahmaputra.3.0


This document provides an overview of the results of test cases developed by the OPNFV Yardstick Project, executed on OPNFV community labs.

OPNFV Continous Integration provides automated build, deploy and testing for the software developed in OPNFV. Unless stated, the reported tests are automated via Jenkins Jobs.

Test results are visible in the following dashboard:

  • Yardstick Dashboard: uses influx DB to store test results and Grafana for

    visualization (user: opnfv/ password: opnfv)


  • IEEE Std 829-2008. “Standard for Software and System Test Documentation”.
  • OPNFV Brahamputra release note for Yardstick.


Yardstick Test Cases have been executed for scenarios and features defined in this OPNFV release.

The test environments were installed by one of the following: Apex, Compass, Fuel or Joid; one single installer per POD.

The results of executed tests are available in Dashboard and all logs stored in Jenkins.

After one week of measurments, in general, SDN ONOS showed lower latency than SDN ODL, which showed lower latency than an environment installed with pure OpenStack. Additional time and PODs make this a non-conclusive statement, see Scenarios for a snapshot and Dashboard for complete results.

It was not possible to execute the entire Yardstick test cases suite on the PODs assigned for release verification over a longer period of time, due to continuous work on the software components and blocking faults either on environment, feature or test framework.

Four consecutive successful runs was defined as criteria for release. It is a recommendation to run Yardstick test cases over a longer period of time in order to better understand the behavior of the system.

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Project Yardstick
Repo/tag yardstick/brahmaputra.3.0
Release designation Brahmaputra
Release date Apr 27th, 2016
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Brahmaputra release test results.