Yardstick Test Case Description TCXXXΒΆ

test case slogan e.g. Network Latency
test case id e.g. OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC001_NW Latency
metric what will be measured, e.g. latency
test purpose describe what is the purpose of the test case
configuration what .yaml file to use, state SLA if applicable, state test duration, list and describe the scenario options used in this TC and also list the options using default values.
test tool e.g. ping
references e.g. RFCxxx, ETSI-NFVyyy
applicability describe variations of the test case which can be performend, e.g. run the test for different packet sizes
pre-test conditions describe configuration in the tool(s) used to perform the measurements (e.g. fio, pktgen), POD-specific configuration required to enable running the test
test sequence description and expected result
step 1

use this to describe tests that require sveveral steps e.g collect logs.

Result: what happens in this step e.g. logs collected

step 2

remove interface

Result: interface down.

step N

what is done in step N

Result: what happens

test verdict expected behavior, or SLA, pass/fail criteria