Welcome to Yardstick’s documentation !

Yardstick is an OPNFV Project.

The project’s goal is to verify infrastructure compliance, from the perspective of a VNF.

The Project’s scope is the development of a test framework, Yardstick, test cases and test stimuli to enable NFVI verification. The Project also includes a sample VNF, the VTC and its experimental framework, ApexLake !

The chapter Methodology describes the methodology implemented by the Yardstick Project for NFVI verification. The chapter Yardstick Test Cases includes a list of available Yardstick test cases.

Yardstick is used for verifying the OPNFV infrastructure and some of the OPNFV features, listed in Yardstick Test Cases.

The Yardstick framework is deployed in several OPNFV community labs. It is installer, infrastructure and application independent.

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