Source code for yardstick.benchmark.scenarios.networking.sfc

import pkg_resources
import logging
import subprocess

import yardstick.ssh as ssh
from yardstick.benchmark.scenarios import base

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Sfc(base.Scenario): ''' SFC scenario class ''' __scenario_type__ = "sfc" PRE_SETUP_SCRIPT = 'sfc_pre_setup.bash' TACKER_SCRIPT = 'sfc_tacker.bash' SERVER_SCRIPT = 'sfc_server.bash' TEARDOWN_SCRIPT = "sfc_teardown.bash" def __init__(self, scenario_cfg, context_cfg): self.scenario_cfg = scenario_cfg self.context_cfg = context_cfg self.setup_done = False self.teardown_done = False
[docs] def setup(self): '''scenario setup''' self.tacker_script = pkg_resources.resource_filename( 'yardstick.benchmark.scenarios.networking', Sfc.TACKER_SCRIPT) self.server_script = pkg_resources.resource_filename( 'yardstick.benchmark.scenarios.networking', Sfc.SERVER_SCRIPT) ''' calling Tacker to instantiate VNFs and Service Chains ''' cmd_tacker = "%s" % (self.tacker_script), shell=True) target = self.context_cfg['target'] target_user = target.get('user', 'root') target_pwd = target.get('password', 'octopus') target_ip = target.get('ip', None) ''' webserver start automatically during the vm boot '''"user:%s, target:%s", target_user, target_ip) self.server = ssh.SSH(target_user, target_ip, password=target_pwd) self.server.wait(timeout=600)"cat > ~/", stdin=open(self.server_script, "rb")) cmd_server = "sudo bash" LOG.debug("Executing command: %s", cmd_server) status, stdout, stderr = self.server.execute(cmd_server) LOG.debug("Output server command: %s", status) self.setup_done = True
[docs] def run(self, result): ''' Creating client and server VMs to perform the test''' host = self.context_cfg['host'] host_user = host.get('user', 'cirros') host_pwd = host.get('password', 'cubswin:)') host_ip = host.get('ip', None)"user:%s, host:%s", host_user, host_ip) self.client = ssh.SSH(host_user, host_ip, password=host_pwd) self.client.wait(timeout=600) if not self.setup_done: self.setup() target = self.context_cfg['target'] target_ip = target.get('ip', None) cmd_client = "curl %s", target_ip LOG.debug("Executing command: %s", cmd_client) result = self.client.execute(cmd_client) LOG.debug("Output client command: %s", result)
[docs] def teardown(self): ''' for scenario teardown remove tacker VNFs, chains and classifiers''' self.teardown_script = pkg_resources.resource_filename( "yardstick.benchmark.scenarios.sfc", Sfc.TEARDOWN_SCRIPT), shell=True) self.teardown_done = True
'''def _test(): internal test function logger = logging.getLogger("Sfc Yardstick") logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) result = {} sfc = Sfc() sfc.setup() print result sfc.teardown() if __name__ == '__main__': _test()'''