StorPerf Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for Euphrates 1.0 of StorPerf.

Version history

Date Ver. Author Comment
2017-10-06 Euphrates 1.0 Mark Beierl  

Important notes

This is the release where StorPerf is not delivered as a single container but is delivered as a series of networked containers. StorPerf must be run using docker-compose.


StorPerf is a standalone framework that uses OpenStack to measure Cinder volume performance. If desired, it can push results to the OPNFV Test Results DB, or the embedded Graphite web interface can be used to perform ad hoc queries.

This release changes to docker-compose framework and adds the StorPerf reporting module. It also marks a change from microsecond (s) to nano-second (ns) precision for all reported latencies. This is denoted by a change from lat.mean to lat_ns.mean for read and write metrics.

Release Data

Project StorPerf
Repo/commit-ID storperf/euphrates.1.0
Release designation Euphrates base release
Release date 2017-10-06
Purpose of the delivery OPNFV Euphrates release 1.0

Version change

Module version changes

No changes to any modules.

Reason for version

Features additions

  • STORPERF-125 - StorPerf container decomposition
  • STORPERF-141 - Create a series of graphs to support SNIA targers
  • STORPERF-94 - Logs can now be viewed via the API. One has the choice to either view the complete length of logs, or limit himself to just a few lines.
  • STORPERF-193 - Support for ARM: StorPerf images for ARM and x86_64 are published on docker hub with the architecture in the image tag.
  • STORPERF-174 - Container base switched to Alpine
  • STORPERF-92 - Allow flavor to be set in stack create
  • STORPERF-178 - Add ability to specify availability zone
  • STORPERF-175 - Support for different agent OS, such as Cirros

Bug Fixes

The following minor bugs have been fixed:

  • STORPERF-56 - Cannot delete stack if create failed
  • STORPERF-180 - No details if stack create failed
  • STORPERF-186 - Duplicate entries for _warm_up with status query
  • STORPERF-197 - FIO 2.2.10 hangs when statically built
  • STORPERF-216 - Incorrect key names posted to testresults DB

See JIRA for full change log



Known issues

  • Cirros target VMs do not always mount Cinder volumes on first boot. Sometimes a reboot of the VM is required to properly attach the Cinder volume to /dev/vdb