6. Requirements

This section defines requirements for the initial OPNFV SFC implementation, including those requirements driving upstream project enhancements.

6.1. Minimal Viable Requirement

Deploy a complete SFC solution by integrating OpenDaylight SFC with OpenStack in an OPNFV environment.

6.2. Detailed Requirements

These are the Brahmaputra specific requirements:

1 Placement of SFs on only one Compute node will be supported.

2 The supported Service Chaining encapsulation will be NSH VXLAN-GPE.

3 The version of OVS used must support NSH.

4 The SF VM life cycle will be managed by the Tacker VNF Mgr.

5 The supported classifiers will be either ODL Netvirt or ODL GBP.

6 ODL will be the OpenStack Neutron backend and will handle all networking
on the compute nodes.

6.3. Long Term Requirements

These requirements are out of the scope of the Brahmaputra release.

1 Placing SFs on multiple Compute nodes.

2 Dynamic movement of SFs across multiple Compute nodes.

3 Load Balancing across multiple SFs