5. Gap analysis in upstream projects

This section provides a list of gaps in upstream projects for realizing resource reservation and management. The gap analysis work focuses on the current OpenStack Blazar project [BLAZAR] in this first release.

5.1. OpenStack

5.1.1. Resource reservation for future use

5.1.2. Resource reservation update

  • Category: Blazar
  • Type: ‘missing’ (lack of functionality)
  • Description:
    • To-be: Have the possibility of adding/removing resources to an existing reservation, e..g in case of NFVI failure
    • As-is: Currently in Blazar, a reservation can only be modified in terms of start/end time
  • Related blueprints: N/A

5.1.3. Give me an offer

  • Category: Blazar
  • Type: ‘missing’ (lack of functionality)
  • Description:
    • To-be: To have the possibility of giving a quotation to a requesting user and an expiration time. Reserved resources shall be released if they are not claimed before this expiration time.
    • As-is: Blazar can already send notification e.g. to inform a given user that a reservation is about to expire
  • Related blueprints: N/A

5.1.4. StormStack StormForge Stormify

  • Stormify enables rapid web applications construction
  • Based on Ember.js style Data stores
  • Developed on Node.js using coffeescript/javascript
  • Auto RESTful API generation based on Data Models
  • Development starts with defining Data Models
  • Code hosted at github : http://github.com/stormstack/stormify StormForge

  • Data Model driven management of Resource Providers
  • Based on Stormify Framework and implemented as per the OPNFV Promise requirements
  • Data Models are auto generated and RESTful API code from YANG schema
  • Currently planned key services include Resource Capacity Management Service and Resource Reservation Service
  • List of YANG schemas for Promise project is attached in the Appendix
  • Code hosted at github: http://github.com/stormstack/stormforge Resource Discovery

  • Category: StormForge
  • Type: ‘planning’ (lack of functionality)
  • Description
    • To-be: To be able to discover resources in real time from OpenStack components. Planning to add OpenStack Project to interface with Promise for real time updates on capacity or any failures
    • As-is: Currently, resource capacity is learnt using NB APIs related to quota
  • Related Blueprints: N/A