SDN VPN capabilities and usage

The BGPVPN feature enables creation of BGP VPNs according to the OpenStack BGPVPN blueprint at In a nutshell, the blueprint defines a BGPVPN object and a number of ways how to associate it with the existing Neutron object model, including a unique definition of the related semantics. The BGPVPN framework supports a backend driver model with currently available drivers for Bagpipe, OpenContrail, Nuage and OpenDaylight.

Currently, in OPNFV only ODL is supported as a backend for BGPVPN. API calls are mapped onto the ODL VPN Service REST API through the BGPVPN ODL driver and the ODL Neutron Northbound module.

Feature and API usage guidelines and example

For the details of using OpenStack BGPVPN API, please refer to the documentation at